Operation and Maintenance

Panel Washing

Your panels will not perform as well as they should, without a specialist. 

Special attention should be given to panels situated in dustier areas, i.e.: next to a main road, by the sea and on or near farmland etc. These solar panels will require more frequent cleaning as the dust build up will be considerably more. 

Depending in wish area your plant was build, the panels should be washed at least once a year - in different areas more often.


Thermal Imaging

Solar panels may develop defects that can be easily fixed if detected early enough. We are working with experienced thermographers and offer regular thermal imaging inspections to ensure the safety and effective deployment of solar systems.

Grass Cutting

Shading at the bottom of the modules can adversely affect the electricity yield. More importantly, a well-kept green area also ensures that the individual switch boxes, inverters and transformer houses can be reached. It even prevents that the growth destroys any electrical components. 


We use a special mulcher where the green waste can remain. Steeper slopes are also no problem.


How often should the green area be maintained?


The partially ideal conditions under the stands of the modules naturally foster the growth of the green space. This means that grass cutting can be required 3 times a year or only once a year. This is decided according to your needs and wishes.