Panel Washing

"If, for example, only a percent less output is achieved in a 200-megawatt system, this loss can add up to around seven million euros in 20 years." Willi Vaaßen (TÜV Rheinland), Intersolar Bericht 2015


Therefor is cleaning economically profitable even when there is only 1% contamination.

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Pollution means energy loss of up to 25%. Regular cleaning, we suggest once a year, can increase the life and yield of your system.



Improve yields when lost e.g. dust from traffic, agriculture, moss growth, bird droppings and much more. Dust gets stuck and burns itself into the glass.



Simultaneous visual control of any changes to the modules such as delamination, hot spots and any form of corruption. If necessary, these will be professionally documented by us. You are also welcome to inform yourself about our thermal imaging control in order to identify possible damage as early as possible and keep it to a minimum.

You don't want your Panels to look like this

Natural precipitation is not enough to remove the film on the glass surface, so the yield is reduced. In order to maintain the yield, regular and professional cleaning should be carried out on the sensitive modules.


Over time dust and dirt stick to the panels and they start to suffer from modular shading. Permanent module staining, i.e. Moss, may also occur and the larger the array, the bigger the loss for the owner.